Chemical pollution is everywhere. It’s in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.

When it’s within our power, we try to lessen our exposure to harmful chemicals whenever we can. And we are making efforts to decrease and one day eradicate our carbon footprint. Perhaps we buy bottled water, outfit our homes with air purifiers, bike instead of drive, recycle and repurpose, or shop the organic aisle in the grocery.

Yet, when it comes to which dishwashing product to use, taking preventative measures isn’t possible, since most cleansers contain a tub-full of harmful chemicals that leave an invisible layer of toxins on your dishes. Until now.

Introducing the Specially Formulated Cleansing Power of

VINAGREEN™ — as Natural as the Sun —

A Dishwashing Detergent You Can Trust.

Long before toxic chemicals invaded our modern-day lives, our ancestors relied upon three all-natural cleaning solutions:

Vinegar, Lemon, and Sea Salt.

Today, those time-tested 100% all natural ingredients are expertly blended in an exacting patent-pending special formulation to bring you Vinagreen™ — a safe and effective Dishwashing Powder whose time is now.

Vinagreen™ 100 % All Natural Dishwashing Powder is sold

in petite individual packettes that are smartly packaged in an earth-friendly tote bag.

No more bulky boxes to store, heavy jugs to lift or messy measuring—

The easy to use Vinagreen™ tote contains 20 water-soluble packettes

that instantly dissolve in any water temperature.

Simply open the tote’s hidden-zip closure and pop a Vinagreen™ packette into the machine.

When the high cycle’s complete, open the dishwasher to a light lemony scent,

naturally sparkling dishes (sans any chemical residue!), a machine that never, ever needs cleaning,

and an environment that will thank you.


Unlike the majority of chemical-based dishwashing products on the market,

Vinagreen ™ contains only 100% all natural ingredients:

Vinegar, Lemon and Himalayan Sea Salt. Here’s why:

Vinegar. A natural bi-product of a food organism, Vinegar can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it served as an antiseptic and cleansing agent. Because of its acidic properties, vinegar is an ideal stain remover, mildew and lime eliminator, soap scum dissolver, chrome polisher, grease solvent, and deodorizer. Fact: The greater the percentage of acid in vinegar, the better the cleaning power. Vinagreen™ — which uses an exotic, hard to find vinegar imported from Southeast Asia —offers one of the highest percentages of acid available on the market.

Lemon. Derived from an evergreen originating in Asia — Lemon has been a health aid and cleanser for eons. Ancient Egyptians used the fruit to undo the effects of food poisoning, while Ayurvedic practitioners in India enjoyed its sterilizing properties. Throughout the ages lemon, which contains a high level of acid, has been utilized to remove grease, grime and rust stains, while killing over 90% of bacteria. The bonus: Lemon has a naturally refreshing citrus aroma. Fact: Vinagreen™ keeps true to ancient practices by sourcing its lemon directly from India. Vinagreen’s patent-pending formulation includes one of the highest concentrations of lemon extract available for the ultimate disinfecting effects. 

Sea Salt. Salt use has been traced to medieval times, where it served as a preservative, seasoning and cleanser. Sea Salt, however, is far superior to the sodium chloride once a staple in castle pantries. When blended with vinegar and lemon, the natural elements in sea salt unleash a powerful cleansing and deodorizing punch. Applauded as an effective, yet gentle scouring agent, sea salt also keeps sink drains flowing freely. Fact: Vinagreen™ contains imported Himalayan Sea Salt. This particular type of sea salt was retrieved from the Primordial Sea after 250 million years, which means it is totally uncontaminated —and free of any toxins or impurities.


  • 100% All-Natural Imported Ingredients
  • Non-toxic to All Living Things
  • Dishes, Glassware, Utensils & Cookware Shine
  • No Harmful Chemical Residue on Dishes
  • All Food Odors Cleansed Away
  • Eliminates Need for an Expensive Rinse Aid
  • Quick, Easy & Economical to Use
  • Keeps Dishwashers Naturally Clean & Sanitized
  • Earth-friendly Packaging
  • A Healthy Alternative
  • 100% Safe for the Environment


After using any popular automatic dishwasher detergent, your plates, utensils and cookware likely come out of the dishwasher looking clean, but are they really? Don’t let appearances fool you. While name-brand household product manufacturers tout their dishwashing powders and liquids as being the best on the shelves, they neglect to mention the negative impact these cleansers have on our health and our world.

  • Fact — Traditional dishwashing products leave an invisible coating of harmful chemicals on all dishes and a trail of deadly toxins in the environment.
  • Fact — The buildup of noxious chemicals in our body and natural resources can be devastating.
  • Fact — Dangerous chemicals, such as Cocamide dea, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Phosphates, Sodium borate, Triclosan and other unspecified ingredients (used for colors and scent), are found in many traditional dishwashing detergents.


COCAMIDE DEA: While coconut oil itself is beneficial to your health, the chemically modified form Cocamide DEA—used for its foaming properties—can cause some big problems. Aside from being an irritant and allergen, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added Cocamide dea to its list of cancer-causing chemicals.

FORMALDEHYDE: Documented by several governmental agencies as being a human carcinogen Formaldehyde—a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical—usually causes death if ingested. It is also a known irritant resulting in issues with the eyes, nose, throat, and the respiratory system.

METHANOL: Perhaps more familiar as wood alcohol, methyl alcohol, or wood naphtha, Methanol is a non-drinking chemical compound used as a solvent. When breathing-in, handling, or ingesting certain amounts of Methanol, the physical effects can range from dizziness and blurred vision to dermatitis, motor dysfunction and neurological damage.

PHOSPHATES: This water-softening mineral additive reduces the amount of oxygen in our water supply. Not a good scenario when you consider marine life needs oxygen to survive. Additionally, a surplus of Phosphates in the water supply encourages the growth of harmful algae, resulting in tap water smelling and tasting badly.

SODIUM BORATE: We know that this naturally occurring mineral (commonly referred to as Borax™) is an irritant and can cause discomfort to the skin and eyes. Sodium borate—in high concentrations—has also been linked to problems with the endocrine and reproductive systems.

TRICLOSAN: Product labels that read “Antibacterial” or “Kills Virus Germs” list Triclosan—an antimicrobial agent that has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties—as an ingredient. Over time, this traditional washing ingredient not only accumulates in the body, but also interferes with both the thyroid and endocrine systems. What’s more, recent studies report that using antibacterial products may result in a weakened immune system.

UNSPECIFIED INGREDIENTS USED FOR COLORS AND SCENT: Household product companies are not required to disclose the names of the particular ingredients, including preservatives, that are used to achieve  “Fruity” colors or “Fresh” scents. Certainly, these ingredients stem from a concoction of chemicals—rather than a natural—source.